Compulsory Basic Training

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The CBT is a basic training course required by law to validate all provisional licences ( i.e. EVERYONE riding on L - Plates ).


The CBT is a 1 day training course covering the compulsory basic elements of safe riding. The course consists of safety lectures followed by a training session conducted in our off road facilities, and where the skills required to control your motorcycle are taught.
When you have mastered the controls you are then taken onto the road for further training through various traffic conditions.
The five elements of a CBT course are:
 A. Introduction
 B. Practical on-site training
 C. Practical on-site riding
 D. Practical on-road training
 E. Practical on-road riding
Upon successful completion of the above elements, you will be issued with your CBT certificate (DL 196).This is a legal document which validates the relevant entitlements on your driving licence.
Should any student not reach the required compulsory safety standard to obtain a CBT, the student will be given an opportunity to re-attend a further CBT course;  within four weeks of the original CBT course;  on a date as agreed with 1st Class at a reduced cost if booked at the time of the original CBT course.
When booking your CBT with 1st Class, you are ensuring that not only will you receive the best training standards available, in a safe and secure location , but also at a superb price due to our price match guarantee.


If you lose your CBT certificate , copies are available from 1st Class for a small charge.
CBT certificates are valid for 2 years
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