1st Class Terms & Conditions

1st Class Terms & Conditions Covering 1st Class Motorcycle Training Courses

1st Class Motorcycle Training shall make the services of a 1st Class Motorcycle Training Instructor available to the Customer for the sole purpose of giving the Customer Rider tuition at the rate per lesson/course from time to time agreed.
1st Class Motorcycle Training shall have the right to substitute another Instructor for the purposes of giving all or any of the lessons if the proposed Instructor is not available for any reason whatsoever.
The Instructor reserves the right to cancel or rearrange a lesson where the weather conditions prevailing at the time would make it unsafe to proceed with the lesson.
The cancellation and loss of training fees rules apply as in Paragraph 18, if the Customer cancels where the Instructor decides the weather conditions prevailing would not compromise safety.
1st Class Motorcycle Training will carry motor insurance covering the Customer whilst riding the training motorcycle, or being carried on the motorcycle when under the supervision of an Instructor or a Driving Standards Agency Examiner.
It is hereby expressly agreed that this agreement is made between the Customer and 1st Class Motorcycle Training.

Section Two

Course fees are payable in advance. For single CBT courses fees must be made at the time of booking. In the case of intensive courses 1 days training and the standard fee for a practical test must be made in advance of the first session.
All payments made for training are based on the training course being taken in an agreed and reasonable period of time of 6months from date of payment. If training is adversely affected by an interruption because of circumstances outside the control of 1st Class Motorcycle Training, and progress with training is delayed unreasonably, 1st Class Motorcycle Training will have the right to make an additional training charge. After 6 months no refunds will be made under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and any fee's paid will be considered forfeited. Any cancellations / changes in course dates must be made at least 10 working days prior to course commencement, failure to do this will result in an invoice for 100% of course fees payable within 10 working days.
1st Class Motorcycle Training will supply the training motorcycle. In the event that a Customer chooses to use their own machine for training purposes, it must be in roadworthy condition and comply with all current regulations and legislation, customers must provide a copy of their insurance, MOT, registration documents and vehicle tax, also display the current regulation “L” plates. 1st Class Motorcycle Training reserves the right to refuse to train a Customer on their own machine if they deem the machine to be unsuitable for training purposes. (We strongly advise against Customer’s own machines being used with the exception of new bike acclimatisation courses or where 1st Class Motorcycle Training is unable to provide a specific motorcycle scooter or moped for training purposes).
1st Class Motorcycle Training will provide you with a safety helmet and other necessary protective equipment. If a customer chooses to use their own equipment it must comply with all current applicable safety regulations and be road legal.
1st Class Motorcycle Training accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage, for any reason, to any Customer’s personal property. Any damage caused to a Customer’s own motorcycle whilst being used for training purposes is the responsibility of the Customer.
The Instructor has the right to halt or suspend training of a customer if he/she believes the Customer is incapacitated in any way through drink or drugs. This will result in 100% loss of course fees.
 Practical Test Fees will be forfeited by the Customer under the following circumstances
a. Failure by the Customer to attend the test for any reason
b. Failure by the Customer to complete the recommended course prior to the test
c. Failure by the Customer to present the necessary documentation at the time of the test.

Section Three

1st Class Motorcycle Training advise customers of the risk of reserving a Practical Test Date before a Motorcycle Theory Test is passed. A Customer will forfeit any deposit under the above circumstances; the customer would also forfeit the test fee or deposit if the cancellation date had expired. If their Theory Test failure prevents them from using the reserved Practical Test.
The Instructor retains the right to withdraw the Customer from the intended Practical Test if the Instructor believes that the required standards of safety and control will not or have not been achieved. Where applicable an alternative Practical Test may be substituted to enable the Customer to take a test on a smaller capacity motorcycle.
A valid provisional or full licence, displaying the correct category for the respective motorcycle must be made available to the Instructor at all times during the course of the training. If a licence is found to be invalid the Customer will forfeit all or part of the training fee subject to the conditions in Paragraph 5.
All equipment loaned free of charge to the Customer must be treated with care and respect. If damage or loss is caused by wilful neglect or misuse then a charge of not more than the loss incurred by 1st Class Motorcycle Training will be made to the customer.
Payments for tuition in respect of the current or next booking must be made to 1st Class Motorcycle Training via their office on 01752 339050 or in person at 1st Class Motorcycle Training, Coypool road, Plympton, Plymouth, Devon, PL7 4NW
 Please give at least 5 clear working days (*1) notice for single lessons (any one day training course) and 10 clear working days notice for full licence courses, for alterations of training dates. Failure to do this will result in an invoice for the full course fees (No exceptions) In the event of complete cancellation of any training course after the 48hr grace period the full course fee will be lost on CBT courses and the £200 deposit lost for full licence courses. 
Students who fail to arrive on time or without the correct documentation will forfeit 50% of the course fee upon rebooking only, if a student chooses not to rebook all course fees will be lost.
 A  clear working day is one full day  (Monday to Saturday) during office hours 9am – 4pm
 Any interruption in training in excess of 28 days would be deemed unreasonable.

Section Four

Please note: Customers who do not agree with these terms and conditions, may cancel without penalty if notice of the cancellation is received within 48 Hours of receipt of these conditions. Cancellations must be made through the offices of 1st Class  in person, via email or via telephone within the stated 48 Hour period.
Refunds will not be issued to students who cancel due to sickness, a certified doctors note must be provided to confirm sickness in order for dates to be transferred without penalty. Failure to provide a doctors note will result in any further bookings being charged at the standard full price, if a student chooses not to rebook then all course fees will be lost.

If you would like further information on any of our courses please contact 1st Class via our contact page