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Motorcycle licence rules changed as of 19th January 2013. Under European legislation governing driving and riding licences.
The EU-wide rules aim to make motorcycling safer by ensuring that riders get experience of riding before they ride more powerful machines.
For more detailed information on how the new rules affect you then Click Here
Not sure how to go about obtaining your licence ?

Looking for more information on specific course  ?

Already have a CBT and want to progress up, but not sure what course/s you are applicable for?

Then look no further as 1st Class have put together all the information you'll need for your Route To Your Licence !!

Unfortunately, for some students booking their very first CBT, or going on to a full licence course, they encounter major issues with the way some training schools aren't fully honest and up front with their course pricing, and whether or not insurance is included with the prices "quoted" to them...and then to find out on the day they turn up for their course, the training schools in question want them to pay for "motorcycle insurance" on top of the price already paid, as if they have an accident they will be "liable" to pay for the damages incurred.
So before booking your motorcycle course, 1st Class have put together some information we feel may be of some value to students and to prepare them for any questions they should be asking the training schools before booking their course/s.