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Important - Please read this before booking any test or training elsewhere...

Honesty is the best policy:

At 1st Class our experienced instructors have been training learner motorcyclists for over 15 years and we pride ourselves with our honest and up front pricing and training information with no hidden charges/fees.
Unfortunately not everyone takes the same approach when providing training quotes to their customers. This has made us aware of how other companies are not clear and upfront about unexpected charges/fees students may have to pay, charges which they are not made aware of at the time of booking their training and tests.
You might want to stop and consider why other training schools' course fees appear cheaper:
You know the old saying 'too good to be true' - that's because it often is. If you have been given a cheaper quote for training you should be aware that it is cheaper for a reason! Often these so called 'savings' are lost when you take into account the hidden charges/fees and insufficient training provided.
Help and Advice:
It has become apparent to us that recently more and more students have come to us from other training schools for help in passing their test after being misinformed and under trained, for this reason we have compiled this information sheet to make students aware of the tactics other training schools will use to maximise their earning potential out of you! Our advice to all students is to ask about hidden charges/fees before making a booking and paying any fees.

For example :


Insurance - are you fully protected?
Often when arriving at a training school you will find that the insurance supplied with the bike hire is not 'full cover' and that in the event of an accident you will have to pay an insurance excess of at least £500 unless you pay an 'insurance waiver' costing between £10 - £30 per day on top of your course fees - you will not be told any of this when you book, students are just told that courses come with bike hire and insurance but the amount of cover is not disclosed at this point.
Insufficient and unsafe training:
Often Module 1 Training is insufficient - swerve avoidance manoeuvre being practised on road or around roundabouts or more worryingly around parked vehicles, no proper speed measuring equipment to check if students are completing the manoeuvres at the correct speeds to ensure they pass. Slow speed preparation is limited with little or no cone practice. Other training schools have small training yards, which are not suitable for setting out the Module 1 circuit therefor students are not fully prepared when they take their test.
Should you really be paying for certain "extras"
Getting charged extra for Module 1 practice slots at the local DSA test centre when preparing students for their module 1 test, when students have already paid for a full days training and the practice session is included during that day. Practice sessions are free for all training schools to use so students should not be charged for this service.
Practical Tests - Are you fully informed or given a choice?
Other Training schools will book both Module 1 and 2 tests to be taken on the same day and then if the student fails Module 1 they are sent home losing a days training fee and their module 2 training/test fee.
Students are not informed that unless the correct amount of notice is given then they will be unable to get their test fee refunded if not they are not taken, most other training schools will not refund any fees even if there is sufficient time to cancel further tests. Training schools will then sell on that test to another student making double the amount of money on that test.

At 1st class we will explain all your test options to you in full detail, giving you the choice!


Prolonged wait for re-tests:
Students who require a re-test are being told that there are none available and that you have to wait in excess of 4 weeks for another test, they are then told that they require another half or full days training because of the amount of time in between tests - this could cost in excess of  £100. At 1st Class our training day run 08:00 - 15:15, not half days or late starts and no unexpected early finishes.
'Free' Assessment's & excessive quotes for amount of training required:
Booking a free assessment lesson and then finding that a charge is made for the use of the bike or that an insurance premium is charged when they arrive on the day. Or students taking an assessment lesson and then receiving an excessive quote for training to pass their test.
1st class have trained many of people who have been quoted 6 days training required when in actual fact the student has trained and passed with a standard 3-day course with us.
Our guarantee to you:
At 1st Class we ensure 1st class training and service throughout, with a transparent pricing policy so students know exactly what they are paying for…..If your training seems cheaper elsewhere remember the reasons why!
The safety of all our students comes first. Our aim is to get you through your test first time with the correct training at a competitive and clear price.
Our guarantee to you when booking your training course with 1st Class is that we will explain all the course fees to you and NEVER ask you to pay extra when you arrive. All our fees are fully inclusive and will never contain hidden extras, giving you peace of mind and value for money.

Ask questions, know the facts :

Insufficient training will result in requiring re-tests - always ask about re-test fees and availability. Providing insufficient training is an easy way for other training schools to get more money out of students who are unaware.

Always ask if you are unsure about any fees and ask questions if you are unsure about any information given to you. Our advice to anyone considering learning to ride a motorcycle is to ASK before you book and pay, exactly what is included and what isn't and to query any additional charges before paying them. If necessary ask to see proof where the extra charges have occurred.

Who to contact if you have any concerns:

If you have been affected by any of the above you should direct your concerns to the Driving Standards Agency who are the only people who have the power to do something about these issue's.
They can be contacted on: Customer Service Enquiries 0300 200 1122   CBT Enquiries 0115 936 6547
or you can email them at

If you would like further information on any of our courses please contact 1st Class via our contact page